Sian Mabbott Photography.

Sian Mabbott
20 years old.
Photography student.
All work here is my own.
Currently in love with film and double exposures.

Light & Lines
Anonymous asked:
How did you get interested in photography?

Urm well I was always fascinated with looking at my grandparents photos when I was younger, of places and people I’ve never seen or met. That and I did media at school, a couple of projects involved photography and I loved it :)


I have so many ideas that I never seem to act on. Maybe I will make a series of self portraits focusing on my emotions. 

New Year’s Resolution.

If anything, I need to experiment more with my work and update this blog more often!

Anonymous asked:
what do you use to edit your photos?

Photoshop Cs5 :)

Stairs - Wales 2012
Portrait Uni Task.
35mm double exposure - film shot twice
Bikes, Camden, London - 35mm
Midnight Walks - iPhone shot